Zoom Cloud Recording and Panopto Integration Technical issues

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This message was intended to inform the university community of technical issues with two of our main video features, Zoom and Panopto.

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Decreased support tickets on this issue
UPDATE 9/15/20 -- Zoom Cloud Recording and Panopto Integration issue
Update on technical issues with Zoom and Panopto

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Hood Community,

The issue IT learned about on Friday, 9/11/20 related to Zoom recordings not processing normally to the Panopto cloud has been corrected. Zoom recordings made on 9/11/20 were processed on 9/14/20 and should be now found in the Panopto system folder for the associated course. 

For future status updates on these systems, please use the links provided below:

Zoom status:

Panopto Status:

If you still have a Zoom video made on Friday, 9/11/20 or before that is critical for students to access and has not been automatically uploaded to Panopto. Please use the instructions found [here](https://hood.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/institution/Blackboard%20External%20Access/Uploading%20Zoom%20recordings%20to%20Panopto%20Video.pdf) to manually download your Zoom session and then upload it to Panopto inside your course site.

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