Unicheck Campaign- Faculty Audience

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Campaign Description

The goal of this campaign is to make faculty aware of Unicheck to increase adoption rates and help them understand the possibilities when using the tool.

Success Criteria

Increased adoption rates of Unicheck
Save Time with Unicheck
This systray aims to inform faculty of the various uses of Unicheck and how to enable it in their assignments.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Easily detect text plagiarism, check sources, and provide feedback by enabling Unicheck. It will check the submitted assignments for text similarity by comparing them with over 100 billion web pages, databases, scientific journals, and library entries. Unicheck also detects digital text manipulations such as hidden symbols, characters of a different color, etc. The tool also checks citations and references formatting to foster the improvement of student academic writing skills.
Find out more by enabling Unicheck in the Plagiarism review when you create a new assignment or edit an existing assignment’s options. To use Unicheck, make sure the Submission Type for the assignment is either Text entry or File Uploads to activate Unicheck and learn more.

Want to add Unicheck's plagiarism review to this assignment?
This hint reminds faculty they can add Unicheck to their assignment while they are updating the assignment details.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Want to add Unicheck’s plagiarism review to this assignment?
Select ‘File Upload’ and/or ‘Text Entry’ as your Submission Type and the Plagiarism Review option will appear below.
Please see this guide for more instructions on how to use Unicheck on Canvas. (link to a support article)
To delete this reminder, click the X in the top right corner AND select ‘Don’t show this again.’

Unicheck Report Link
This hint reminds faculty of key elements of Unicheck while within the SpeedGrader.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Click on the plagiarism percentage here to load the Unicheck report. You will be able to review all matches, citations, references and text modifications. You will not leave SpeedGrader, the report will open in a new tab.

Keep in mind that any comments made in the Unicheck report will not be seen in the SpeedGrader comments and only be visible to students if you enabled “Show report to students” in the Unicheck settings for this assignment.

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