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This message is designed to welcome new or transfer students to the university. These are tips that students can use to feel prepared for the new semester at a new campus.

Welcome Transfer Students!
NOTE: To create a user group that does not exist in your LMS, such as transfer students, you must provide your CSM with a CSV file of all transfer student email addresses. This would apply to any specialized group you want to create for messaging (ex. First-year students, graduating students, students on academic probation, etc.) 

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Hello [NAME],
Welcome to campus! We are thrilled to have you join the [UNIVERSITY] community this semester. Here are some tips to make the start of your semester successful
1)     Become familiar with [LMS name] if you have not used it before. The Support Center is a helpful resource!
2)     Find and order your class material [LINK BOOKSTORE] before the start of the semester.
3)     View important dates on the academic calendar [LINK ACADEMIC CALENDAR] to plan your semester accordingly.
4)     Read your class syllabi and check your courses on [LMS]. Reach out to instructors directly with course questions.
If you have questions about adjusting to campus, contact your advisor.

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