Communication & Support
for your EdTech Ecosystem

How to Access EesySoft?

Personalized Campaigns

Drive action in your learning management system by creating specific communication and activity tracking campaigns focused on any particular user group.

EesySoft Campaign creation flow


Place custom messages anywhere within your learning management system.

Message Engagement


Reduce support costs by providing support at the moment of need & improve your support escalation routing process.

Route support requests to the right agent

All your support content articles in one place, eesysoft support

Support Insights


Track user activity and tool adoption and take data-driven decisions. 

Measure tool adoption

Measure the impact of training and events with EesySoft adoption

Discover Champion Users

For every stage of your digital transformation journey

Technology Adoption

Send targeted communication to a specific user, anywhere in your LMS

Contextual Self Support

Provide support at the moment of need & improve support escalation


Migrate Between Tools

Ease the transition between tools and measure the onboarding

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