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View the active Monitors currently counting in your LMS

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Where did that number come from?

When analyzing report results, it’s handy to be able to zoom in on exactly where the data is coming from. The Monitor Overview lists all active Monitors currently collecting data in your LMS as well as overall live information about each such as when it was created, who created it, and who triggered it last.

Not sure what we mean by Monitors? Check out What is a Monitor and where do I find it?

Follow the steps below to access the Monitor Overview:


Open up the EesySoft web application and log into the relevant environment.


Click on the Management Reports section to find the Monitor Overview, OR access it directly through the orange menu panel on the left of the screen.

The report provides a full list of active Monitors from your LMS. This includes the delivered Monitors, added by ‘Out of the Box’ as well as your own. You can sort the list by clicking on the diamond next to each column heading. Click once for ascending, click again for descending. You can also export the data into a csv file for further manipulation.

You can gain even more insight into a particular Monitor by clicking on it. A popup will open containing a Screen Capture of the Context and a description of the Monitor. The Context area in the Screen Capture is bordered in red identifying the area of the page that relates to the Monitor.

The vital statistics

This report provides some general information about each Monitor:

Monitor: The name given to the Monitor when it was connected to a Context.

ID: A chronological number generated by the system when a Monitor is created. Use this to search for a Monitor in the EesyProducer. To find out more, go to the Monitor ID section of What is a Monitor and where do I find it?

Last visitor: The User ID of the last person to trigger the Monitor at the time the Monitor Overview was accessed. Refresh the page to refresh the data.

Last visit: The date and time that the Monitor was last triggered by the user listed in the Last visitor column.

First visit: The date and time that the Monitor was first triggered. We recommend testing new Monitors by triggering them. Therefore, this can also be considered to be the Monitor creation date.

Added by: The User ID of the person who created the Monitor. Currently, a Monitor can only be edited by the user who created it. Bear with us – we’re working on making this better.

Visits: The total number of times a Monitor has been triggered since it was created. This figure doesn’t take into account the type of user, whether the user is unique or how many times the Monitor was triggered in one session. It all counts.

You can find out more information on who is triggering your Monitors and when by adding the Monitor to a Reporting Template and running one of the Adoption reports. To find out more about Reporting Templates, please go to What is a Reporting Template and where do I find it?. To find out more about analyzing Monitor data in the reports, please go to The Tool Adoption Report.

Let’s see how this information can be put to good use.

Lights, camera, action!

There are many ways this information can help you out. Here are just a few ideas:

Where did they go?

With lots of Monitors already created, it can get a bit cloudy when trying to picture exactly what a user has done to trigger a specific Monitor. By clicking on the Monitor in question, you can familarize yourself with exactly what action is creating your report data.

Is it on yet?

Monitors can be created to gather data on any aspect of a page. This all depends on the Context Parameters and Recognition Rules that are assigned to it. To find out more, go to our Guide to Recognition Rules and Contaxt Parameters.

Whenever a new Monitor is created, it is a good idea to check that is working just the way you want. Simply log into your LMS and trigger the Monitor you have just created, then check in the Monitor Overview to make sure it worked! If the Monitor was triggered correctly, the report will show 1 visit by you.

This is also a great way of recording when your Monitor was created.

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