Supporting the start of term: New Courses Available

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Campaign Description

This campaign is intended to assist staff and students alike through the start of their new academic term in a fully or partially online learning environment.

Success Criteria

Instructors are aware that new semester courses are available and that they can begin preparing their teaching accordingly. They know where to find relevant support content.
New Semester Courses Available
A message announcing the availability of new courses and the fact that changes have been made to the template. There will be a signpost and link to the support center pages that have been created to support the use of the template.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Hi {{user.first_name}},

The new semester courses are now available for you to prepare for the start of teaching. We have updated the course template for this year and more information about this can be found here [INSERT LINK].

You will find them in your course list, but if any are missing please contact support via the EesySoft Support button.

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