Supporting the start of term: First Year Students Checklist

Students, Start of Term

Campaign Description

This campaign is intended to assist staff and students alike through the start of their new academic term in a fully or partially online learning environment.

Success Criteria

First year students know the things to check and look out for as they start the new semester.
First Year Students Checklist
A **start of term checklist** for students, ensuring they perform all the necessary tasks to successfully start the new semester.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Welcome to your first year at the [University Name]! As a new student there are loads of new things to tackle and experience. Here is a checklist to help guide you through your first week.

– Do you see your first term courses?
– Have you received your class schedule?
– IF you have any support questions, please click the support button icon in the bottom right corner.
– If you have any questions about tuition payments, please follow this link [INSERT LINK]

Check back for weekly tips to keep you up to date!

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