Supporting the start of term: Course Visibility

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Campaign Description

This campaign is intended to assist staff and students alike through the start of their new academic term in a fully or partially online learning environment.

Success Criteria

Students know what steps to take if they do not see all their courses listed at the start of the semester.
Do you see all of your courses?
A message telling students to contact their instructor(s) if all of their courses are not visible under ‘My Courses’. If the issue persists after a certain date, they are asked to contact the helpdesk.

Copy & Paste Message Content

If you do not see your course(s) listed at the start of the Fall Semester, please contact your instructor. Instructors must make the courses available to students in Blackboard.

If you course(s) is still not available after September 9, please contact the helpdesk by clicking this link [INSERT LINK].

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