Supporting the Start of Term

The upcoming start of term will be a critical period for students and instructors, especially those moving online or into dual courses. Impact by Instructure has curated custom messaging and support campaigns to guide EdTech users through this process.

Smooth Onboarding of New Faculty & Students

Support Transitioning Courses Online

Re-enforcing Course Design Best Practices

Turn-key Faculty & Student Support For Start of Term

  • 10+ Out-of-the-box messaging campaigns for start of term
  • Full Impact Support Center 
  • Impact Adoption & Support Reports
  • From demo to live in under 3 days

Talk Start of Term 

With The Impact Team

Due to the immediacy of the upcoming start of term, Impact implementations may begin upon reception of letter of intent from Director Level or Higher from the institution. 

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Blog Posts & Resources


3 Impact Tips to get the New Semester Started

The beginning of a new semester is often a time of both excitement and anxiety for both students and faculty members. Here are three ways you can help your end users and ensure a smooth transition into the new term!


Start of Term Campaign

Overview Fact Sheet

Download the Start of Term fact sheet to see all Impact messaging and support center examples included in the Start of Term package. 


Webinar: Support the Start of Semester with Impact for Blackboard Learn Users  

On the 19th of August, we teamed up with Blackboard for a webinar showcasing how institutions can use Impact to provide support to students and faculty at the start of this semester. Watch the full recording here!

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