Alleviate Your Help Desk
Support Your Faculty & Students

Help your end users and your institution with our 3-layered approach to support. End up with lower support costs, reduced time to resolution, and increased user satisfaction.
Win, win, win.

Stop support requests, before they happen.

Provide 24/7 self-support directly within your LMS through the Impact Support Center. Help content is recommended automatically based on the user’s role and where they are within the LMS

"[Impact] makes it possible for just one Student Success Specialist to handle all support requests from over 40,000 students"

Escalate support requests by email, call or chat!

Your faculty and students can easily submit support requests directly from the support center via Call, Email or your own chat plugin. Support requests are sent with all the relevant user info, from Course ID to Browser and OS information, to your institutions’ help desk.

Route requests to the most optimal help desk

Use time and user role based rules to make sure that support requests are always sent to the right agent or support provider within your institution.

Route support requests to the right agent
All your support content articles in one place, eesysoft support

Your support content - all organized in one central place

Create your own articles, easily import existing support content or take advantage of our out-of-the-box support articles pulled directly from your LMS vendor. 

Before Impact - we had faculty members that were not going into our online resource center that we had created. We would put up all kinds of documentation and videos, but it wasn't connecting.

Monitor the performance of your help articles

Measure how the support center is used to find out which help content is used the most and which articles might need some improvement. Watch trends to predict which pages trigger the most requests and address them with proactive messages

Support Insights
The idea that support is available even when we are not has been invaluable in increasing student and staff satisfaction; they are feeling more supported in the use of Blackboard and ancillary technologies.
Schelly Gardner
eLearning Manager, Southern Cross University
Improving LMS support with EesySoft

LMS Support to Reduce Support Costs

Download the Impact Support Whitepaper to find out how you can provide support to your students and faculty members at the moment of need.

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