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COVID-19 has altered many facets of life for university students and they may need additional support services to continue with the spring semester. This message will inform students of the success and mental health services available to them, whether the semester is in person or virtual.

Success Criteria

Increased use of student support services.
Well-Being During COVID-19
This message informs students of the well-being services available to them this semester.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and unsettling for each one of us. Emotional reactions during this time of crisis can appear very different for everyone, including feeling scared, anxious, grateful, or angry–it is all valid. Check in with yourself to see how you are feeling as you navigate this academic semester.
By acknowledging our feelings around this time, we can better take care of ourselves to improve personal and academic wellbeing. The university is here to support you and has selected some resources you can seek out both on and off campus.
(list your university resources around mental health, mindfulness, academic success, student success, etc. here with accompanying links.)
If you would like someone from the counseling center to reach out for a consultation on resources, complete this form. (add link to any intake forms for counseling services on campus.)

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