Reviewing Academic Integrity Policy

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Campaign Description

This message is to remind students about the academic integrity policy and provide confirmation they have agreed to the Honor Code.

Success Criteria

Increased knowledge of honor code policy
Academic Integrity Policy

Copy & Paste Message Content

Cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty run contrary to the purpose of higher education and will not be tolerated at [UNIVERSITY NAME.] Academic dishonesty includes (but is not limited to) plagiarism, copying answers or work done by another student (either on an exam or on out-of-class assignments), allowing another student to copy from you, and using unauthorized materials during an exam.
Academic dishonesty is a serious offense and could result in failing an assignment, course, review by the HonorBoard, or suspension. Please read through the university Honor Code Policy [LINK] to review student expectations.

Optional: We can make this a pop-up that includes a checkbox saying “I have read and agree to the Honor Code Policy for the Spring 2021 semester” and provide a list of all students who complied. Talk to your CSM to add this feature!

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