Return to Campus Spring 2021

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Campaign Description

This campaign is intended to help students and faculty transition back to on-campus learning. Additionally, it will provide updated COVID-19 precautions.

Welcome Back to Campus
Message to explain changes students will face when returning to on-campus learning.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Welcome back to campus! In order to remain on campus, please be aware of increased safety precautions as we bring our campus community back together.
COVID-19 testing is available for students, faculty, and staff. To schedule an appointment click [LINK]. You are reminded to isolate if you are not feeling well or are waiting on results for a COVID-19 test.
To keep everyone safe, please make sure to practice good hygiene, wash your hands, and wear a mask. As a reminder, masks are [INSERT REQUIRMENT] on campus. For updates on masking on campus please click [LINK].

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