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Campaign Description

This campaign is designed to help faculty return to on-campus instruction.

Faculty Resources Available!
This message lets faculty know what resources they have access to ensure physical and mental health.

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We are so thrilled to welcome students and faculty back to campus!

While much of the focus has been on student preparation, faculty wellbeing is just as important. The pandemic has forced higher education to adapt quickly with much of the strain being placed on faculty. A life adjusts to a new normal, we would like to remind faculty to utilize the resources available to them.

(Insert resources such as mental health, recreation facility, etc.)

Classroom Safety Precautions
This message lets faculty know what COVID-19 safety precautions will be required within the classroom environment.

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As part of our ongoing COVID-19 Safety Measures, we ask that you remain vigilant in your efforts to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Please ensure that students follow required mask and social distancing measures in your classroom. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact: (EMAIL).

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