Release Information

On Blackboard?
Make sure to install the latest building block:

Upcoming back-end improvements to be applied to the EesySoft server cloud depend on these changes. That said, we will make sure to not apply anything until every institution has successfully upgraded their building block. Institutions have until the end of 2019 to update to this version.

If more time is needed, please contact and we will work you on this.

    • Improved login process for EesySoft Dashboard while working in LMS
    • Enhancements in backend communication
    • Allow linking between Messages and Support Articles in Inline Editor and Help Item Overview
    • Ability to determine the size of Pop-up messages
    • Fixed issue relating to Canvas course level monitoring
    • Ability to manually define missing page contexts in Inline Editor
    • Improved highlighting of page elements in Inline Editor
    • Content library in Inline Editor
    • Ability to connect LMS user to expert by lookup
    • Ability to widen and narrow element selection in Inline Editor
    • Optimization of Support Center search engine
    • Fixed presentation issue affecting bullet lists in Messages
    • Improvements in recognition engine
    • Fixed issue relating to Support Center sort order

Blackboard Building Block - Version History

    •  Added compatibility with Java 11 JDK 
    • Added support for a new authentication scheme
    • Fixed issues with character encoding (UTF-8) in Blackboard
      (EesySoft’s back-end communications layer)
    • Changes to the automated build process
    • Conflicting logging framework library component removed
    • Removing deprecated parts of the blackboard data access layer
    • Reduced the amount of sync status logging. 
    • Fixed issues with character encoding (UTF-8) in the Bakcend communication btween Blackboard and EesySoft. 
    • Changed the automated build process to support CircleCI 2.0. 
    • Introduced locking scheme to prevent data synchronization from multiple target systems.
    • Lowered frequency of sync timer.
    • Fixed issues with Course Report for Instructors
    • Prevented addition of duplicate Institutional Hierarchy roles
    • Reduced the amount of server side logging.
    • Fixed issues with the tool link to Course Reports.
    • Added Course Report for Instructors.
    • Added fallback handling for server host name.
    • Allowed for more specific targeting of messages based on Course Role.
    • Added support for PostgreSQL synchronization data source.
    • Fixed issue with synchronization causing slowdown problems at some target. systems.
    • Applied Institutional Hierarchy based role conversion to course enrollments.
    • Excluded Blackboard platform java libraries from the bundle.
    • First version in new build system CircleCI.