Release Information

Release Information

Version history of the EesyProducer and Blackboard building block.


This latest version is not fundamentally different from the version; however, we had a customer who experienced a block from downloading the last version of the producer so we have issued this new one. You should automatically be prompted to update to the version when you open the producer, but if you need to download it from a link, please use the form to get the latest version.


The latest producer version includes a few bug fixes for context creation in the Support Center and handling of some new foreign languages. Please download the latest version using the form on this page.



There is a new producer version that was made available through the automatic Producer updater which was but it has a bug. Thus, please continue to use the version. If you have already updated, then you can re-download the former version using the link below. If you have not, then please ignore the update to .236. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Download the latest EesyProducer version: