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Campaign Description

To communicate the expectation for students to practise academic integrity and to promote the Academic Integrity Module

Success Criteria

That students enter and complete the Academic Integrity Module and score at least 90% on the quiz
Practicing Academic Integrity
Informs students of the expectation of practising Academic Integrity at SCU. It also encourages students to go to the Academic Integrity module and complete the quiz with at least a score of 90%

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Did you know that an element of being a good student at Southern Cross University (SCU) involves being honest about what is your work, what is influenced by other people’s work, and what is directly borrowed from someone else’s work? Essentially, students at SCU are expected to practise academic integrity.

As a commencing student at SCU we would like to support your understanding of how to effectively practise academic integrity. For this purpose, you are strongly encouraged to complete the short online module, Practising Academic Integrity: An Introduction, by week 4 of the session/study period.

Click on Academic Integrity in the menu. Successful completion involves you working through the module at your own pace, and scoring 90% on the final online quiz. You can attempt the quiz as many times as you like.

Continuing students are also encouraged to complete this online module to check their understanding of practising academic integrity at SCU.

All the best with your studies at SCU.

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