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While there are more and more exam proctoring tools out there, it is imperative we train our faculty to feel confident enough to use them at exam time. This message gives step by step instructions on how to prepare an exam using the tool Proctorio.

Secure Exam Proctoring
Instructions on how to set up an exam with Proctorio

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Are you using Proctorio for your final exams?

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Below are Proctorio’s best practices to aid in your final exam creation. 

Step 1: Ensure you are using the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge internet browser when designing assessments and launching Proctorio.

Step 2: Review our Proctorio Introduction article to set up Proctorio.

Step 3: After adding Proctorio to your course, you must name the content module “Secure Exam Proctor”.

Step 4: Move the Secure Exam Proctor content block to the top of your assessment page (Secure Exam Proctor should be above all other content/links on the page).

Step 5: As you begin to design your final exam in Blackboard, the default time-length for an exam is 60-minutes. If you want to shorten or lengthen the exam time, that must be edited via Blackboard, not via Proctorio.

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