New feature adoption, automated.

Keep users up to date on the latest features with automatic in-application notifications and learning resources.
  • For Institutions
  • For LMS Vendors

Stay one step ahead

Help your LMS team keep the students and faculty informed about the latest and greatest LMS functionality. 

Support just-in-time learning

Make it easy for faculty to learn how to use new tools when and where it matters most and measure their progress.

Improve new feature adoption

Promote new features to the right users automatically within the application to increase usage from the release date onward.

Measure feature usability

Monitor user feedback and usage levels to understand what users think about new features and functionality.

How it works

New LMS Release Information

Discover new features.

Your LMS Admins receive a notification whenever new features have been released, with automatically generated support content that can be instantly deployed.

Inform faculty and students.

Inform faculty and students about new functionality directly when and where they need it. Activate context sensitive proactive messages with just 1 click.

Learn about new features
Track feature adoption

Track adoption and favourability

Automatically create campaigns to track the adoption of the new tools/features and end-user engagement with each deployment.

Promote faculty adoption

As LMS vendors move to continuous delivery models, institutions have less oversight on the launch of new functionality or changes. When faculty are not informed on time about these new changes, they are suddenly confronted with new buttons or new pages. This costs time and can reduce confidence and willingness to fully utilize the LMS.

When proactively informed about updates and new functionality with relevant support content and messages at the moment of need, faculty can more easily adopt new features and functionality to continue to improve the quality of their courses.

Support LMS Admins

Every LMS administrator would like to inform their users properly about changes in the learning environment. But manually browsing release notes for changes, preparing support articles and notifying faculty and students is time consuming. 

With Impact by Instructure, we do the heavy lifting for you. LMS admins can easily import content and notifications for each new release. With just 1 click admins can activate and assign messages and learning resources to the right users.

Why is new feature adoption so important?

Measure feature success

When releasing a new feature, new functionality or just redesigning a page, it is vital for LMS admins and instructional designers to measure the impact. 

By automatically creating campaigns for each release deployment – data on tool usage, support articles views and proactive message feedback is instantly available. These reports provide insight into new feature/tool adoption by the targeted groups of users and if additional promotion is needed.

Get feedback from users

One of the biggest advantage of SaaS for Learning Management Systems is that users can immediately access new features. But how can LMS vendor understand what users think about those new features?

With proactive messages and support articles deployed with every release, faculty, students and admins can provide instant feedback on the new tools and features.

Want new feature updates in your LMS?

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