Migration Package

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to move to a new LMS. Now what?

 With data-driven support & communication, we help you make a smooth transition, all while driving the adoption and maximizing the value of your new LMS.

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Oversee Onboarding

Get real-time information about the onboarding process and see if your users are successfully accessing the tools in your new LMS.  With detailed insights into the activity level and use of key LMS functionality of both faculty and students, your project team can instruct and inspire users leading to huge adoption gains and a more efficient transition.

LMS Tool Adoption
Personalized In App Messages

Communicate Proactively

Our in-application messaging gives your project team a way to communicate with both individuals and segments of users directly inside the new LMS. Now, you can proactively address changes, promote functionality or reinforce key capabilities where it is relevant in the system.  As a result, you prevent helpdesk issues, increase LMS usage, and instill confidence in your students, faculty and staff while they use the new system.


Know the Impact

During the migration, your team will likely offer training sessions to get users up and running. However, do you know how effective these efforts are?  Can you measure if they improve adoption and engagement? Our Campaign reports reveal the impact of your training and communication efforts on actual usage by comparing the activity level of the participants before and after the event(s). This allows your team to focus time and resources on the outreach methods that work best. 

Measure your Success
Personalized Support Dashboard

Help Users Help Themselves

With a single click on our support button embedded in the LMS interface, students and faculty have direct access to their personal Support Center.  Users can find relevant, context-sensitive help about the specific part of the LMS in which they are currently working. They can also search for help and contact the helpdesk directly  if they cannot find their answer.  This multi-layered approach to support lowers support costs, reduces time to resolution, and increases overall user confidence and satisfaction.

LMS migration with EesySoft

Migration Package Whitepaper

Get the Eesy LMS Migration Package whitepaper  to learn even more about how EesySoft can help ensure a successful transition for your students, faculty and staff.

EesySoft has been instrumental in ensuring our faculty and students make a successful move to Canvas. We have been able to track adoption and reach out to users who may be struggling with the transition. EesySoft has made a complex task much easier!
Alisa Kadenic-Newman
Academic Technology Director at Community College System of New Hampshire

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