Communication Package

“Talk” more effectively with your students and faculty using targeted, proactive messages right within your LMS.
The result? Less help desk issues, increased technology adoption, and improved user satisfaction.


Personalized In-App Messaging

Create custom-tailored messages in the form of hints, systrays, and pop-ups that can show anywhere in the LMS – wherever they are most needed. Each message can be personalized and targeted to a select group of users with time limits you set so your message is only seen when it is most relevant.

Personalized In-App messages
User Segmentation

User Segmentation

With our segmentation tool, your messages reach the right audience. Create user segments based on LMS tool usage, browser type and/or activity level over a period of time. For example,  inform only the faculty members who have not used Rubrics during the last semester about the advantages of using this tool. Specific targeting allows for more useful and impactful communication and a better user experience.


Instant User Feedback

Students, faculty and staff can vote and comment on message content so you can create the most effective messages possible.  You gain access to a subset of reports that give you insights on how often your messages are interacted with as well as details on user feedback.

Measure your Success

Impact analysis

With our campaigns, you gain access to information about faculty behavior before and after communication and training activities. This insight  helps your institution evaluate the impact of your professional development initiatives, identify areas of excellence, and locate areas in need of improvement. 

LMS Inline communication from Eesysoft

Communication Package Whitepaper

Get our Communication Package whitepaper which contains even more information about how EesySoft can help you communicate more effectively with your students, faculty and staff, directly in your LMS!

Our faculty receive an abundance of emails - their inboxes are flooded - so we wanted an easier way to reach them. The beauty of this product is being able to create our own messages and target them to our users right where they need help within Blackboard.
Dr. Deborah Spiro
Assistant Vice President, Distance Education, Nassau Community College

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