Adoption Package

Get the numbers you need to make data-driven decisions.
Control which parts of your LMS to monitor and track, including third party tools.

Then use these insights to take action, drive adoption and maximize  the value of your learning technology.

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Get Real-time Insight

Know exactly how your students and faculty are using the LMS and third-party tools.  Learn how often teachers have engaged with learning technology to see where they need more training.  Or discover how engaged students are in a course to identify those who may be at-risk, to improve student success and overall retention. 

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Take Data-Driven Action

Act on the metrics from your reports with proactive messaging.   Create targeted messages to a specific group of users that can appear anywhere within your LMS.  Then evaluate your impact with  our campaigns. Armed with the numbers, you can focus communication and support where they matter most. 


Measure Your Success

Evaluate the impact of your messaging efforts using Campaigns. Tool usage can be measured before and after any communication or training initiatives to give you and institutional leadership insight into which efforts are the most beneficial.

Measure your Success

Adoption Package Whitepaper

Get the Adoption Package whitepaper to learn even more about how EesySoft can help ensure you are getting the most value out of your investment in technology.  

The reporting allowed us to see that nearly 50% of the faculty who had rubrics in their course were not using them to grade. However, within two weeks of the EesyMessage being deployed, we were able to show almost 100% adoption of the feature.
Nadine Edwards
Coordinator, Distance Learning, Stevenson University

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