Our Solution Packages

To help your institution maximize the value you’re getting out of your investment in educational technology, we offer 4 packages:


Adoption Package

Do you want to ensure that your institution is getting the most out of its investment in learning technology? Are you looking for ways to increase academic adoption of technology? 

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Communication Package

Do you want to communicate more effectively with students and faculty? Do you wish you could send them customized messages while they are using the LMS or other third party tools in your learning ecosystem? 


Support Package

Are you looking to improve the end-user support for your LMS and other technology in which your institution has invested ? Are you interested in lowering support costs and cutting time to resolution while increasing user satisfaction?

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Migration Package

Are you planning to migrate to another LMS? Do you want real-time information about the onboarding process and see if your users are successfully using the tools in your new LMS?

How it works

Install the EesyConnector (javascript). This process takes < 5 minutes.

The EesyConnector collects user activity data and creates unique profiles for each user that logs into your LMS.

Your data is then securely transferred and stored on the EesySoft (AWS) servers.

The user data provides detailed insight into LMS usage and allows for targeted communication to specific user segments.

Free 30 day trial

Interested to see what EesySoft can do for the LMS at your institution? We offer Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle customers a free 30-day trial of our solution.

Not sure which package
suits you best?

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