My Reports


Don’t have OCD or a photographic memory? Don’t worry!

My Reports can help you keep track

Having worked with reporting all my life, I know only too well the imporance of being able to revisit your analytics. How you provide someone with a specific ad-hoc analysis, only to be asked months, or even years later for more information.   There are several ways in which to make use of this area:

  • A record of Selection Parameters for use in periodic reporting
  • A snapshot of specific activity over a specific period of time
  • A handy way of finding information for your day-to-day activities
  • A source of external information in the form of custom data lists. If you have an external item you would like to include here, please get in touch.

The My Reports area is a central repository for the following saved reports:  

  • User Activity Report
  • User Groups vs Monitors Report
  • Monitor Trend Report
  • User Group Trend Report
  • Champions Report
  • Custom reports: We can incorporate custom data lists to be accessible through this page too! If you have an external item you would like to include here, please get in touch.

Watch this space! We are always looking to improve and are currently working on bringing automatic scheduling and distribution of reports from this area.


Follow the steps below to access the My Reports area:  


Open up the EesySoft web application and log into the relevant environment.



Click on the Activity Reports section, to find My Reports OR access it directly through the orange menu panel on the left of the screen.

The My Reports area presents your reports with the following information to help you easily find the one you are looking for:  

  • Name: The name under which you save a report
  • Description: The description you enter when saving the report
  • Type: Assigned by the system, the name of the EesySoft report, or Custom for external items
  • Date Created: The date the report was first saved as new
  • Date Modified: The last date a saved report was resaved

With loads of great reasons to save reports here, this list can get quite long. Don’t worry – you can sort the list by clicking on the diamond next to each column heading. Click once for ascending, click again for descending.   Click on a report to open it.   You can update and resave the report by using the icon in the Selection Options of the opened report.  


So, ready to get reporting?! Learn more: