LMS & EdTech Tool Migration Made Simple

Moving between Learning Management Systems or other 3rd party EdTech tools can be challenging for students and faculty. Impact by Instructure is here to make these transitions as easy as possible by tracking the onboarding process and guiding the offboarding of users by providing in-app communication and support at the moment of need.

We are here to make your transition to your LMS or 3rd-party tool as easy as possible.

"[Impact] has been instrumental in ensuring our faculty and students make a successful move to Canvas."

Measure Onboarding

Stay on top of exactly which courses and instructors have migrated to your new tools.

In-App Messaging

Place messages anywhere within your LMS to communicate effectively with Faculty and Students.

Adoption Campaigns

Measure training success and focus efforts where they matter most.

Self-Service Support

Access contextual and role-sensitive help items and escalate support requests right from within the LMS.

Keep your migration on track
by measuring the onboarding process.

Get real-time information on where your users are within the onboarding process and see if your users are successfully accessing tools in your new LMS. 

Send messages to users directly in your LMS.

Proactively address changes, promote functionality or reinforce key capabilities where it is relevant in the system.

Case Study:

Migrating to Canvas at the Community College System of New Hampshire

Measure the impact of training and events with EesySoft adoption

Measure the impact of your training efforts. 

Reveal the impact of your training and communication efforts on actual usage by comparing the activity level of the participants before and after the event(s). Focus your time and resources on the methods that work best. 

Give users access to 24/7 self-help support. 

 Provide faculty and students with relevant, context-sensitive help at the moment of need within the LMS and easily escalate tickets to the right team at your institution.

LMS migration with EesySoft

Expertly Migrating your LMS

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