Migrating from Tegrity to Panopto

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To inform users of the move from one tool (Tegrity) to another (Panopto) (Source: )

Success Criteria

Offboarding of Tegrity and adoption of Panopto
Important information regarding Tegrity
# Notifying Users Based on Tool Adoption [ Eric Silva](https://ericsilva.me/author/eric-silva/)6 months ago[Add comment](https://ericsilva.me/eesysoft/notifying-users-based-on-tool-adoption/#respond) With our migration from Tegrity to Panopto, we needed a way to track and communicate with our faculty who were still utilizing Tegrity. To complete this task we utilized EesySoft Reporting and Messaging. With EesyReporting we could track the usage of our “Tegrity Classes” link that is located in all course menus. We could then use EesyMessaging to create a campaign that would target the instructors who accessed the link between a predetermined time frame. This would ensure that our marketing was targeted to specific users who clicked the link during July and August. ## How We Did It 1. We created a monitor to track the “Tegrity Classes” link that’s located in all course menus. 2. Utilizing the Tool Adoption Report we created a campaign filter that was set to our 2-Month period and to the Instructor Usergroup Role. 3. We created a campaign with the newly created filter and active users. 4. We created a Popup Message with our information and assigned it to our Tegrity campaign. EesySoft Campaign Details for our Tegrity Final Announcement [EesyMessaging](https://ericsilva.me/tag/eesymessaging/) [Tegrity to Panopto Migration](https://ericsilva.me/tag/tegrity-to-panopto-migration/)

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We see that you’ve recently accessed Tegrity. Please know that URTGV is transitioning from Tegrity to Panopto this fall 2019 semester. The last day Tegrity will be available is Wednesday August 21st. If you’re recording new content for Fall 2019, please use Panopto

Below are a few resources to get you started

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If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our help (link to the support center escalation path)

Attention! This link points to a Tegrity video
Hint message to inform users to fnd the tegrity links within panopto after the migration from Tegrity to Panopto

Copy & Paste Message Content

This weblink points to a Tegrity video. Please know that UTRGV has susccessfully migrated to Panopto, and all existing Tegrity links will no longer work. All Tegrity recordings can be found within their original course in Panopto.

This page contains tegrity links
Pop up message for instructors to inform them that there are still Tegrity links on the page and that they need to add those to Panopto -and instructions on how to do just that

Copy & Paste Message Content

user name,

This page contains links to Tegrity. Please know that UTRGV has successfully migrated to Panopto effective August 21st. All videos previously uploaded to Tegrity are now available in Panopto in the original course it was recorded in. To ensure students can access the content, the links will need to be updated to the new Panopto URL.

Please review these resources to assist you with this transition.

List resources.

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