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Campaign Description

The goal here is to inform users that a new version of Collaborate is ready and that the old version will no longer be used after a certain date. For users who need to download recordings, they need to do so before that date. Users can familiarise themselves with the new version by clicking the link(s) in the message.

Success Criteria

Users are aware of the new version of Collaborate, explore the new features and download any previous recordings they still need from Collaborate Original
End of Life for Collaborate Original
This message lets instructors know that they are soon migrating to a new version of Collaborate, namely Collaborate Ultra. It tells them to download any recordings they want to keep before the deadline and provides links for additional information and support. The message appears next to the ‘Schedule a Session’ button on the Blackboard Collaborate page.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Hi {{user.first_name}},

Did you know that Collaborate Original is being retired and Collaborate Ultra is waiting for you? Collaborate Original will no longer be used in Session 1 and Study Period 1 2020. Your recordings will be available to download until 30 April 2020.

So many improvements have been made in Collaborate Ultra and we invite you to get yourself familiar with it as soon as you can.

In the Support Center there are many help items – open the Support Center when in Blackboard and search Ultra to see these.

You can explore Collaborate Ultra within any learning site, but if you’d prefer a place where you can ecplore alone or with a colleague, look no further than Blackboard Support for Staff Users Ultra Try Out Room.

Don’t forget we have our Friday Free for All every Friday at noon, and these are held in Collaborate Ultra.

Click ‘Don’t show this message again’ to dismiss this message!

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