Message To Inform All Users About The New Support Center

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Campaign Description

This is a hint message to inform all users about the new support center and where it can be accessed. The message is also letting users know that when they do access the support center from a page in Blackboard (via the ‘red tag’), they will be accessing ‘context-sensitive’ information and support about the tools on the page that they are on. 

Success Criteria

All the users will know about the new Support Center and where to access it via their Blackboard pages. They will be aware that the New Support Center is also a location to access their institution’s help-desk.
New Support Center - Griffith University
Message To Inform All Users About The New Support Center 

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New Support Centre

To check out the new support centre, click on the red tag at right.

You will find this red Support Centre tag on each page in Learning@Griffith. Open it up to find useful ‘context-sensitive’ information about using tools on that page.

You can also request help from a support representative.

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