Message to direct students to their courses in LMS Dashboard

  • Anna Hollyoak from The University of EesySoft
  • Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L
Students, Course Mgmt

Campaign Description

This message is to instruct how to find courses in the students dashboard. It is directed to students who may be struggling to find their courses within the LMS dashboard and haven’t yet found a solution. The detailed, step by step instructions explain exactly where their courses can be found and what links and steps to follow. It also provides them with a link to the support center in-case they are still having issues. 

Success Criteria

The students have been struggling with finding their courses in their LMS dashboard will know exactly where their courses can be found and where to find support if necessary.
Do you struggle to find your course in the Dashboard?
Message to direct students to their courses in LMS Dashboard 
  • Systray Message
  • Students
  • Student Dashboard - Home Page

Copy & Paste Message Content

Hi Anna, If you can’t see your courses in the dashboard, follow this simple guide. 1. Click the navigation panel on the left side of your screen and choose Courses, then All Courses. 2. Under All Courses, simply click on gray stars next to the courses you want to display, this designated them as favorites. When you select a course, the star should turn orange. 3. Return to your Dashboard (using the navigation panel on the left). You will now see your favorite courses in the dashboard. If your course isn’t to find the All Courses list, please contact the support (insert link) or your instructor.

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