LMS Vendor review feedback campaign

  • Rachel Bungo at Kent State University
  • Blackboard, Blackboard Ultra, Canvas, Moodle, D2L
University Process, Communication, Students, Instructors, Collaboration, Migration

Campaign Description

This campaign is to involve all users in a vendor review of their current learning management system. This is a very open approach to getting feedback from all users about their experience using Blackboard Learn. The messages are to remind users to complete a feedback survey and invite them to upcoming live Q&A sessions with potential vendors. The messages also link the user to LMS vendor videos and a sign-up page. There is also additional information for those who are unable to attend but would like to share their input. 

Success Criteria

The LMS users will feel like a part of the LMS review process and will know how to access the survey, where to sign-up for the live Q&A sessions with vendors and that the university values their opinions when making this institution-wide decision
LMS Review: Engagement Opportunity
Campaign to organize an institution-wide, LMS vendor review & feedback process
  • Pop-Up Message
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  • Home page

Copy & Paste Message Content

The university’s current agreement with Blackboard Learn is expiring and a committee has been formed to seek proposals from learning management system (LMS) providers. We would appreciate your feedback evaluating our current learning management system (Blackboard Learn). The survey closes on Friday, April 12. [Give Us Your Feedback]

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