Known issue: Submitting to Turnitin with Safari

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Informing users about the known issues with browsers and submitting to turnitin

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Monitoring number of submissions
Known issue: Submitting to Turnitin with Safari
EesyMessage alerting all users to not use Safari to submit turnitin assignments

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Some users have encountered issues while attempting to submit their paper using the safari browser. After clicking ‘submit’, the process will hang at the loading screen and will **not** complete the submission.

If you are using safari and encounter this issue, you may wish to try **another browser** (such a Chrome or Firefox) or another computer. You may also wish to try the following **workaround**:

1. Go to safari preferences > Privacy tab> Manage website data
2. Look for and remove the three cached websites –,, or
3. You should now be able to submit your paper successfully.

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