Keep course content up to date and GDPR compliant

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Campaign Description

Remind instructors prior to course copying the things they should keep in mind to make sure new courses are relevant, up-to-date, and compliant with GDPR regulations.

Success Criteria

Instructors are aware of how to efficiently copy courses, what are good practices, and upload GDPR compliant content
Course Copying: Keep Course Content Up-to-Date and GDPR Compliant
This message appears when instructors try to copy course content over to a new course. It asks them to check for outdated links and items, and to make sure all content used is GDPR compliant.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Before you copy content from your module, please consider which parts you need to bring over and where in the old course they are located. Selecting everything might bring over content which is out-of-date and misleading to students. Old notifications, for example, will probably not be relevant to the next cohort.

After the copy has completed, please go and check all the links and folders in the new course and remove any out-of-date or duplicated materials.

Finally, under new GDPR regulations we have a responsibility to protect student’s data. Please check that your content is compliant.

Please contact if you need help setting up you BB module.

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