Improving Grading Accuracy

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Campaign Description

With the move to a new LMS, it is important to make sure faculty are aware of how to use the gradebook as accurately as possible. In order to help educate faculty, SDSU created a gif walking through how to enter zeroes quickly to reflect an accurate grade in the course.

Success Criteria

Decreased number of student complaints regarding grade changes
Gradebook Accuracy
A systray describing instructions on how to enter multiple zeroes at once.

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Gradebook Accuracy

By default, missing assignments, quizzes, etc. will not be assigned a grade of zero. If you don’t enter in a zero for missing work, students will have an inflated grade that does not accurately represent their grade in your course.

You can quickly accomplish this by following these simple instructions. You can also manually enter zeros one by one. 

Note: You should only do this AFTER all assignments have been submitted and the due date has passed for that assignment.

Here is how: 

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