Force completion test option advisory

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Campaign Description

This message pops up when faculty go to create a new test/quiz and informes them about the different options they can click and what they do and do not do.

Success Criteria

Certain options should not be ticked such as the force completion box, this can be monitored with the EesyReports.
Force completion test option advisory
Advise on which options to tick and which ones not to – also explaining why not to use certain functionality

Copy & Paste Message Content

**Why should I never use force completion**
What it’s supposed to do
Prevent students from leaving an exam to go consult other information sources.

**What it actually does**
Cause students who experience a brief internet connectivity problem to be kicked out of their test, which is then automatically submitted and cannot be re-joined. The instructor must clear the attempt and allow the student to re-take the entire test.

**Effect of the test timer**
No Effect: whether you use force completion or not, the test timer keeps on tickigng once the exam is started, even if the student’s computer drops the network connection. Using the auto submit option ensures that students do not take more time than given.

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