View & Manage Your Contexts

Contexts in EesySoft determine how messages and support articles are displayed in your learning environment. They also serve as the backbone of how data is tracked with EesySoft activity monitors.

We’ve added the ability for you to:

  • View all the existing context in a filterable and searchable table
  • View the details of any specific context to determine to see all associated content types (messages, monitors, support articles, support center categories) on one page.
  • Easily connect existing messages, monitors, support articles, and support center categories to a context.
  • More easily modify the screenshots connected to your context

Why Did We Do This?

  • Increase visibility of how EesySoft positions messages and articles
  • Increase visibility of how EesySoft measures monitor activity
  • Increased visibility of how contexts are defined (recognition conditions)
  • No longer need to use Eesysoft producer

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