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We’ve taken all the most important information from your old reports on the usage of the support tab, knowledge base, proactive support, and assisted support and condensed them to a one-page review that informs you of your support center performance at a glance.

Don’t see the “assisted support” and “proactive support” information? Fear not! The new dashboard has renamed “assisted support” to “support escalation routes” and your proactive support will now be extensively reviewed in the message tab. The most valuable information such as your support article health and support button usage will now be displayed all on one dashboard. By having everything in one place you can easily oversee and compare the key performance statistics of your support center faster and with more ease.

Why Did We Do This?

  • More easily find key facts about support performance
  • Easily drill down into the topics you need more info about
"I also really like the way the stats for the help articles are displayed, which is a good way to quickly see how successful they are."

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