Organize Your Support Center

There can be an overwhelming amount of topics to address in your EesySoft support center. Now, you can manage your support center articles by assigning them to different categories for efficient organization.

Create an informational hierarchy using easy drag and drop positioning and subcategories for more structure. Each category is connected to a specific group of users and context to streamline support information.

Using categories will make sure you are linking pertinent information that is context and role-based so your users are receiving the correct support at their time of need.

Why Did We Do This?

  • Category management helps avoid confusion and repetition within the support center
  • Hierarchy and grouping streamlines user to the appropriate articles
"So having [this] feature available to us potentially makes the difference between having a good product and a great one. I also really like the way the stats for the help articles are displayed, which is a good way to quickly see how successful they are."

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