Producer – End of Life

The EesySoft producer is a downloadable application used to manage EesySoft content, monitors, and settings. If you have joined the EesySoft user community more recently, you probably have not used the EesySoft producer application.

One of the goals of was to bring all the functionality previously exclusively available in the producer onto the web.

This was accomplished with:

  • The EesySoft inline editor
  • New setting options in the EesySoft dashboard

Now that EesySoft producer functionality has been brought onto the web and made more user friendly, weโ€™re planning to end support for the EesySoft producer application in July 2021.

We will update you about the producer’s end of life in the coming months. If you are a power-user of the EesySoft producer and you have immediate questions, please get in contact with your CSM directly here!

Why Did We Do This?

  • Improve the user experience of functionality previously only available in the EesySoft producer
  • Provide ability to manage all of EesySoft via a web environment (no more reliance on windows)
"There is an intuitive layer here that was not present with the producer."

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