Custom User Groups

EesySoft has always enabled you to create custom user groups that you can reuse in message, article or campaign based targeting. In the new Eesysoft dashboard, we’ve made this process easier and more powerful.

We’ve introduced a new rule-based enrollment system that enables you to segment all your users based on a variety of conditions that you can mix and match together.

For example, now you can create a custom segment to target any users that:

  • Has the role Instructor AND
  • Has used the tool Rubrics in the last 10 days

Selecting these conditions also immediately generates a preview of the user segment that you can view, search, and even download as a CSV file before saving the group.

Previously known as User Segments

Why Did We Do This?

  • Setting the groundwork for even more advanced user segmentation options
  • Visualize which users are actually in a specific user group
  • Improve usability of a powerful, highly customizable EesySoft feature

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