Faculty Vaccination Information


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Many countries have designated educators as a priority group for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. If your university is helping coordinate the effort to vaccinate faculty and staff, this message can be a helpful reminder to guide them toward health services.

Faculty Vaccination Information
This message explains the university information needs around vaccinating faculty.

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Our university is committed to assisting with an efficient roll-out of the vaccination, in keeping with state mandatory guidance for priority groups. The university strongly encourages all those who are eligible to be vaccinated because it is an important action to take for your own health, and to help keep each other safe. To find out information about the university vaccination plan, check out our website (add your own link here.)
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If you are able to get a vaccine through your personal healthcare provider, please do so for yours and our college’s safety. Your primary care doctor can tell you if your underlying health problems or living environment would qualify you for a vaccine at this time. Please notify the university of your COVID-19 vaccination if you receive it through your personal healthcare provider or other means, and make sure to get your second dose in the same place where you received your first. (Optional: add your university COVID policy links here)

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