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Campaign Description

The goal of this campaign was to promote a new academic integrity tool, Examinity, at CCAC. During their first couple of month with the tools, they used EesyMessaging to promote the tool, custom user groups to target faculty who attended a Examinty workshop, and support articles from Examity’s website.

Ready to try Examity?
Hint to guide users to the Examity tool

Copy & Paste Message Content

Let’s get started by adding the tool to your course: (Link to support article) Adding Examity to the course menu (insert image of Examity logo)

Some final notes about Examity
Message to remind instructors of Examity use and support articles

Copy & Paste Message Content

We are limiting Examity to Midterm and Final exams as we begin to roll-out this new proctoring solution.

(The following are links to support articles from Examity)

Deciding when to use online proctoring
Best Practices for using Examity
Additional documentation for Examity
Need to revisit a training session for Examity?

Support Article Category
For this campaign, the admin’s added a section of the support center with context-sensitive articles on Examity.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Find the various support articles on Examity’s website. Contact your CSM for information on how to add external support articles to your support center.

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