End of Semester Grades (Faculty and Student Messages)

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Campaign Description

Having a up-to-date grade center is important for clear communication between students and instructors. Therefore, the first message can be used to help faculty submit their final grades and navigate the grade center with confident at the end of the semester. The second message reminds students to check the grade center first, then speak to faculty.

Success Criteria

Improved use of the grade center by faculty
Submitting Final Grades
This message is for faculty navigating the grade center and leaves space to incorporate support articles.

Copy & Paste Message Content

The end of the Fall 2020 semester is approaching! Final grades need to be submitted by [DATE]. Need a quick refresher on how to submit final grades?
 Check out the link for a step-by-step breakdown of the process [link to grade center support center article.]

Checking Final Grades
This is a message for students to remind them to check their grades not only in Blackboard but in your official grade submission center that appears on their transcript.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Congratulations on finishing the semester! Curious about final grades? Follow this link [LINK] to access your final grades. Contact your instructor with any questions.
Enjoy your break! We look forward to seeing you in Spring 2021.

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