Editing Pronouns and Preferred Name on Canvas

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To aid in inclusive education, it is important to make space for students to adjust their name and establish their pronouns to assert their identity as a student in your classroom. Canvas not only allows you to adjust your name but also select the pronouns you would like to use to appear next to your name. This message informs students of these options in settings so they can adjust how their identity is presented within their digital courses.
If pronouns are not enabled in your Canvas instance, your system admin can follow these steps to make pronouns visible to those who opt-in to displaying them. https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Admin-Guide/How-do-I-enable-personal-pronouns-in-an-account/ta-p/185

Changing Name and Pronouns
This message informs students of the options to change their name or pronouns in Canvas. While this is a student focused message, you can also adjust it to inform faculty of the options to model this inclusive behavior as well in their Canvas courses.

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Did you know you can change how your name is displayed in Canvas? Select settings within your Profile to change your name to how you want to be referred to in class.
Additionally, if offered by your university, you can select your pronouns to appear next to your name as well. Follow this tutorial to see how to select pronouns. (Tutorial link: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/New-Feature-Screencast/Users-Personal-Pronouns-2020-01-18-Screencast/ta-p/382112)

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