Diversity and Inclusion Reminders

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Campaign Description

This campaign serves as a template to remind faculty, students, and staff about campus policies regarding diversity and inclusion. These can be used at the beginning of the semester, or as a reminder as policies become updated.

Commitment to Diversity
This message is a template for institutions that would like to remind their campus community about their diversity and inclusion policies.

Copy & Paste Message Content

At X University, we want to encourage the campus community to find opportunities to practice Inclusive Excellence and to be advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community. 
Such actions might include (but are not limited to):  supporting diversity activities and services; working to address issues of inequity; broadening the scope of inclusiveness on campus; promoting respect for diverse backgrounds and worldviews; advocating for equity and intercultural awareness.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion
This message reminds faculty and students of services offered by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Use this as a template and update with your institution’s information!

Copy & Paste Message Content

Welcome to another school year at X University! Our campus is committed to promoting inclusivity and promoting diversity in the learning environment. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion wants to remind you of their free services. To find out more about how to utilize this programming, check out their website (Insert Link) 

Optional: Add information about upcoming events/workshops/programs

Anti-Discrimination Policy
This message reminds faculty to update their syllabi with the most current version of the institution’s anti-discrimination policy.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Faculty, please remember to insert the most current version of X universities anti-discrimination policy into your syllabi (Insert Policy Here).

For further information, please contact X. 

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