EesySoft + Curtin University

Curtin University Case Study
Case Study:

How Curtin University uses EesySoft to ensure academic continuity and the success of online learning.

Learn more about how Curtin University implemented EesySoft to measure how their users engage with Blackboard and third-party tools. The case study covers the following:

    • How did they tackle Covid-19 related challenges?
    • How did EesySoft guide the move to online teaching and learning?
    • How did they boost Blackboard Collaborate usage?
    • What usage trends helped shape their assessment policy?
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"I think that the access to data is just phenomenal. The way we’ve been able to gain access to information quickly and the ability to tag and create monitors on things that we want to understand and know more about - that is very powerful.

I don’t think there are many applications out there that use in-context user support in the way that EesySoft does."

Gordon Cunningham

Enterprise Lead for Learning Platforms

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Santa Clara University EesySoft Partner

Optimizing Canvas at
Santa Clara University.

Analyze Canvas usage data, implement inline messages to improve adoption and provide self-support to all students and faculty.
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Deflect Blackboard support requests.

Using EesySupport center to deflect support requests, increasing student and faculty satisfaction.
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San Diego State University

Increasing LMS Adoption.

How San Diego State University used proactive messages to increase usage of the Blackboard Grade Center by 264% in just 2 weeks.
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Saxion university of applied sciences

Providing automatic LMS support

How the Hogeschool van Saxion was able to automate the repetitive support requests, giving back valuable time to their entire support team to make data driven decisions to improve their Blackboard support.
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Moving to Canvas
LMS migration timeline.

See what’s the transition looked like by following the LMS migration timeline at the Community College System of New Hampshire.
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Griffith university

Help LMS users help themselves.

Alleviating overwhelming numbers of support requests by making personalized support documentation more easily available to faculty.
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Using Data to enhance
the student experience.

How Leeds Beckett University uses support and champion user data to improve student satisfaction levels with their LMS.
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University of Houston Downtown

More effective LMS support

How the University of Houston Downtown took a new perspective on LMS support, by designing a student and faculty support system that provides the easiest path to relevant help items and support agents.
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