Using Data to Enhance the Student Experience

Leeds Beckett University uses insights from Impact to monitor student engagement and optimize LMS adoption.

Alex Prichard

Senior Digital Learning Advisor

Hayley Whitefoot

Learning Systems Advisor

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Leeds Beckett University is a public university located in the United Kingdom. They have been an Impact by Instructure customer since late 2015.

A Desire to Gain Insights

Back in 2015, Leeds Beckett University was faced with the need to improve their Blackboard data. The Learning Systems Team felt that the Blackboard Reports didn’t provide granular data and they needed something that would allow them to create custom reports specific to their institution. Leeds Beckett was also beginning to offer more distance and blended learning, which increased the importance of optimizing LMS adoption. 

The Learning Systems Team wanted a third-party system that would directly integrate into their Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) and provide insights about tool adoption and user activity. Impact was a perfect fit. 

Hayley Whitefoot and her Learning Systems Team used Impact to help their users get the most out of the Blackboard LMS and increase EdTech adoption at Leeds Beckett University.

Introducing Impact at Leeds Beckett University

Impact helped Hayley’s team access the data they were so eager to collect through Impact reports. 

“[Impact reporting] gives us automatic, granular access to our platform data at a reasonable cost to our institution, where other more integrated systems were of an unacceptably high cost per return.” – Hayley Whitefoot

With Impact reports, Hayley and her team gained in-depth insights into the way faculty and students were using their LMS. These reports could also be customized to fit the institution’s needs, creating more valuable insights into user behavior. For example, Leeds Beckett can report on the use of specific links or buttons across their LMS like the Turnitin ‘Submit’ button. With this information, the team can uncover the strengths and weaknesses of LMS usage and take action. 

“[Impact reports] enable us to monitor student engagement in a way that we haven’t been able to before.” – Hayley Whitefoot

Hayley and her team used their data hand-in-hand with the student engagement data that Blackboard reports, Google Analytics, and other University systems provide, to give them a birds-eye view of EdTech adoption at their institution.

Looking towards the Future

After their first year with Impact reports, Leeds Beckett is now confidently collecting relevant insights and creating strategies to optimize LMS adoption. Hayley and her team have received positive feedback from key staff, who are keen to start using Impact reports. The institution intends to use Impact reports to recognize when interventions need to be made for users struggling with the LMS and ultimately increase student retention and progression.

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