Successful Migration to Canvas

To achieve a successful migration to Canvas, CCSNH used Impact to monitor LMS usage and provide proactive support.

Alisa Kadenic-Newman

Director of Academic Technology

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The Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) is a public system of seven colleges located across the state of New Hampshire. CCSNH serves around 26,000 learners annually and offers over 80 Associate Degree Programs and over 120 certificate programs and specialized training. The seven colleges offer face-to-face, blended, and 100% online classes.

Impact by Instructure at CCSNH

CCSNH first found out about Impact when Alisa Kadenic-Newman, the Director of Academic Technology, was looking for a solution to help gain more insights into the way their LMS was being used and how to drive more awareness and overall adoption.

After implementing Impact, Alisa and her team were finally able to get insights into user activity and use Impact reports to structure awareness and training campaigns. Alisa and her team were also able to share these reports with their administration departments to communicate the status of CCSNH’s LMS usage and create EdTech strategies. During 2018, CCSNH also migrated to Canvas and used Impact’s messaging, support and insights along the way.

“I would also recommend [Impact] to anyone gearing up for a migration. We could not have done it without [Impact].” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

“I would recommend [Impact] to anyone who would like to get the most out of their LMS. The [Impact] solutions are user friendly and intuitive and most importantly the data is actionable.” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

Introducing Canvas

CCSNH proudly became one of Impact’s first Canvas customers and worked together to ensure a successful migration. In the Spring of 2018, CCSNH did their soft launch of Canvas and since they still had faculty working both in Blackboard Learn and Canvas while courses were being imported, they needed to be able to track who was using which LMS.

“Using [Impact] Reports and by monitoring the import buttons in Canvas as well as tracking the overall tool usage in both Blackboard [Learn] and Canvas we were able to easily figure out which users migrated their course already and which users needed extra help” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

Using Impact reports, CCSNH was able to share data in their weekly metrics meetings with the seven Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs so that they could reach out to the faculty members who needed extra training or encouragement.

CCSNH also embedded the Impact Support Center onto Canvas to provide useful information and resources to the faculty and students during this big change to their LMS.

“To help our users throughout the migration and beyond, we implemented [Impact] Support Center so that our users can search for help by looking through the help articles and videos” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

Impact messaging also came in handy to help communicate new changes in a timely and proactive manner. One way CCSNH used messaging was to implement “Tip Tuesday” for faculty and students to help with the adoption of Canvas with weekly tips and reminders from LMS administrators.

“We use [Impact support and messaging] proactively to connect our users, students, faculty, and staff with the support materials and increase the use of the tools” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

Successful Migration and Future Plans

Impact and CCSNH worked together to provide support, track usage behavior, and increase adoption all while migrating to Canvas.

“Overall experience working with [Impact] has been great. The team is energetic, enthusiastic, and very responsive to our requests” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

Now that the successful migration has been achieved, CCSNH will continue to use Impact to optimize LMS adoption and deliver proactive communication and support to their LMS community.

 “I would like to use the data as well as proactive messaging and training campaigns to optimize our LMS and increase faculty effectiveness” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

Impact reporting, messaging, and support continue to evolve with the needs of the institutions. Impact and CCSNH meet weekly to go over any new features and any requests that Alisa and her team might have.

“I would also recommend [Impact] to anyone gearing up for a migration. We could not have done it without [Impact].” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

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