Providing Automatic LMS Support

Impact’s proactive and context-sensitive messaging & support helped Saxion University increase LMS adoption.

Ruud Koopmans

Functional Application Manager and part of the ICT & Education team

Chrissy Holthausen

Functional Application Manager and part of the ICT & Education team

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Saxion University of Applied Sciences is a vocational university with four campuses in the eastern Netherlands. They are one of Impact’s first clients since early 2011.

The Need for Efficient Communication

Before Impact by Instructure, the ICT & Education team at Saxion had a very different support process. When there were known issues or new functionality in Blackboard, the team would inform users by creating posts in the LMS. If these posts were overlooked by end-users, the team would send out multiple emails and even call users when necessary.

Unfortunately, the team’s efforts weren’t enough to stop users from emailing and calling about the same issues over and over again. The team needed a more effective way to communicate relevant information to end-users while decreasing the amount of time they spent on each topic.

Proving Proactive Communication and Support

According to Ruud  Koopmans and Chrissy Holthausen, Function Application Managers in the ICT & Education team, Impact has made it very easy for them and their team to efficiently support users. When suggesting Impact to other institutions, Ruud and Chrissy always mention the context-sensitive help and the pro-active messages. Impact’s messaging has also helped Saxion University facilitate LMS adoption and usage during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

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Proactive messages can help users navigate through the LMS

“The biggest advantage that [Impact] offers is the ability to provide support automatically. We don’t lose any time working on it.” – Chrissy Holthausen

Not only does the team save time by proving out-of-the-box help articles and videos for users, but they are also able to proactively address users needs within Blackboard. With Impact’s messaging, the team can create hints, pop-up messages, and systray messages. Chrissy values how customizable the proactive messages are since she can schedule them to appear anytime and anywhere within the LMS to ensure that users receive all relevant information.

Since using Impact’s proactive and context-sensitive Support Center, the ICT & Education team has also seen a significant decrease in support requests on multiple occasions.

The Imapct Support Center is context and role-sensitive to each user

According to Ruud, a few months after they updated their Blackboard version, the ICT & Education team kept receiving questions about the new functionality that came with it. After placing a few proactive messages with links to Support Center resources, the number of support requests was greatly reduced. Saxion has also used these messages to promote new third-party products such as Kaltura. When Saxion had set up a Kaltura environment, they placed an Impact pop-up message in Blackboard to notify students and instructors about their new video platform.

Not only did end-users start using the application, the ICT & Education team barely received any support calls and emails about the usage of Kaltura due to the proactive message.

Looking to the Future

As Saxion continues to support end-users with messaging and Impact’s support center, they want to optimize their use of Impact reports. They look forward to presenting their schools and departments with information about the adoption and use of Blackboard in more detail.

“The outcome of these reports can be used by upper management to offer a guide for the direction that Saxion should take, allowing us to use existing and new functionalities better within Blackboard and Kaltura, and thereby enrich the learning process.”

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