Moving Learning Online at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

With Impact, Ngee Ann Polytechnic provided proactive support during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure academic continuity.

Eileen Lee

Assistant Manager of LMS in the Office of Learning Technologies

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Ngee Ann Polytechnic with EesySoft

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is an institution of higher learning in Singapore offering 39 full-time diploma courses through 9 academic schools. Hosting over 14,000 full-time students and 1,800 staff members, NP strives to enrich their LMS for all users.

Ensuring Academic Continuity

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) recently transitioned to Blackboard Ultra, which introduced a cleaner navigation but also presented some challenges. With continuous change due to the pandemic restrictions, ensuring a frictionless online teaching and learning experience was more important than ever. The Learning Management System (LMS) team sought a solution for more context and user specific options with Impact by Instructure.

Impact at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Impact’s seamless integration with the Blackboard Ultra environment allowed Eileen Lee and her team to customize landing and course pages with in-line messages and gain detailed reports about their effectiveness. These messages were placed at key points of action and communicate directly to users at a moment of need.

“Having this extra pop up when they log into our LMS gives us a wider outreach to students.” – Eileen Lee

NP previously used emails and SMS to announce campus wide events but after including a pop-up message on the LMS, Eileen Lee reported that there was a wider reach to students. In addition, after students completed remote learning courses, they were asked to answer a survey about their experience. 

With [Impact] messaging, there was a 52% increase in student responses.

Eileen and her team were also able to use the in-line messages to suggest actions for more efficient usage of their LMS system. For example, Eileen was able to address a recurring issue with assignment submissions by placing a message at the point of action directly within the LMS.

This message helped faculty avoid making a repeated mistake that prevented efficient use of the tool.

By providing users with custom role-specific messages to guide best practice actions, NP could ensure that the instructors and students were using EdTech tools to their full potential.

“Along the way, we actually created messages to promote best practices so that users would do their learning designs better.” – Eileen Lee

Looking to the Future

Ngee Ann Polytechnic views gearing up for a new term as a crucial time for students, staff and LMS teams.

“We would like to start planning for start of term support messages and then more of the best practice features.” – Eileen Lee

Impact’s 90-day start of term support package provides reporting, communication and support tools in order to get everything running smoothly. The package includes pre-made messages and campaigns that will help with the start of term workflows. NP is eager to adopt the campaign structure with the help of Impact and customize it to fit their context and user-specific goals.

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EesySoft at Ngee Ann Poly

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