Leveraging Insights and Increasing Engagement

San Juan College takes Impact to the next level to leverage insights and drive action within their Canvas LMS.

Greg Reynolds

Manager, Technology Learning Services

Karen Acree

Director, Applications and Technology Learning Services

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San Juan College (SJC) is a public community college in Farmington, New Mexico serving over 10,000 students across 6 schools and 5 campuses.

Setting Goals with Impact

San Juan College has been an Impact by Instructure customer since 2020. Their main goal was to get an in-depth view of how faculty and students were using their Canvas LMS in order to develop an effective strategy to increase adoption. When the COVID-19 pandemic moved teaching and learning online, SJC also needed to ensure that their users were receiving relevant and timely information, accessing resources on how to use all EdTech tools, and were able to reach the appropriate support escalation route. 

San Juan College joins Impact during a Canvas Panel to discuss their experience:

The Role of Impact Insights

Karen Acree, the Director of Applications and Technology Learning Services, and Greg Reynolds, Manager of Technology Learning Services, wanted to be able to analyze LMS adoption to create a strategy that could improve their EdTech optimization. In 2020, SJC started using Impact to get a deeper look into the way its Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, was being used by students and faculty.

“The motivating factor behind purchasing [Impact] and becoming a client was strictly analytics… We just really wanted to see what our folks were using, how they were using Canvas, how they were using tools that we have embedded in Canvas” – Greg Reynolds

With Impact, Karen, Greg and their teams could identify the areas within Canvas and the third-party tools that needed more attention, as well as the users that needed more encouragement to use certain tools or pages.

“It [Impact’s Insights] helps us to identify the ebbs and flows of the term and when the downtimes are so that we can then promote certain things to increase engagement” – Greg Reynolds

Using Messaging Effectively to Increase Engagement

Karen, Greg, and their team have been utilizing Impact messaging in order to effectively communicate with their institution’s community. When learning went online during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an urgency to deliver effective communication through Canvas and to make sure that all users knew how to use the essential EdTech tools. With Impact messaging, SJC could place messages right within their Canvas LMS to guide users and help them navigate to relevant resources in a proactive way.

SJC placed a proactive hint message to encourage third-party tool usage with Imapct

Since users weren’t able to ask any questions or receive any training face-to-face, the most effective way to answer questions was to create a library of video tutorials. Greg and his team created these videos and embedded them into messages that could be anchored to the areas where they would be needed and engagement shot up.

“With the use of the [Impact] Messaging, we started creating messages with embedded videos… if a student needs to learn how to take a quiz with Respondus Lockdown Browser or something like that… and the viewership has really skyrocketed on those” – Greg Reynolds

A huge aid in designing a successful messaging strategy for SJC was Impact’s feedback feature. By collecting direct feedback from users, Greg and his team were able to tailor the messaging strategy and targeting and continuously improve the engagement within Canvas. Read this blog post to learn more about how SJC achieved its messaging goals.

Increasing Adoption of Third-Party Tools

San Juan College also used Impact to increase tool adoption and achieve its storage optimization goals. With Impact messages, SJC informed faculty about Knowmia, a tool for uploading, editing, and captioning videos. Proactive messaging and support increased the adoption of Knowmia and reduced the use of SJC’s Zoom cloud before it reached peak limits. Check out the message template SJC used to increase this tool’s adoption in our Impact Universe.

Proactive systray messages provide just-in-time information and resources.

Radical Recommender Impact Award

Karen Acree won a 2020 Impact Award for being a radical recommender. As a champion Impact customer, Karen has been willing to talk to any prospects in order to purvey the value of using Impact. 

“There’s this great product [Impact] and you need to try this… it will change the way your team operates” – Karen Acree

When asked, Karen said there were a number of reasons that she would highly recommend Impact to other institutions including the strength of the Impact team, ease of implementation, and high-quality customer support.

“It was so easy to set up [Impact] in our Canvas environment… We hit the ground running, we had great training and great support to get [Impact] up and running and I just think it’s one of the best things we’ve done in the past few years” – Karen Acree

Looking to the Future

Impact continues to provide proactive messaging, support, and in-depth insights for SJC to support their digital transformation and EdTech adoption strategy. In addition, Karen, Greg, and their team are looking forward to being able to utilize Impact’s upcoming walkthrough feature in order to further support their users’ navigation through Canvas. The students at SJC value a hands-on approach when learning the functionalities of new tools, so blending the video tutorials with a much more step-by-step walkthrough would be ideal for their campus.

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