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Discover how Griffith University leverages Impact to decrease support requests and provide proactive self-help for LMS users.

Leigh Stevenson

Manager of the Learning & Teaching (L&T) Systems department

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Griffith University is a public research university based in Queensland, Australia. The university has been an Imapct customer since 2014, subscribing to all three modules that we offer.

LMS Goals at Griffith University

Like many other universities, Griffith needed a comprehensive and easy way to measure the adoption of the various tools and features that are available in their Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS). Support staff and advisors needed this information in order to structure training geared to improve and increasing faculty use of relevant technology.

In addition, Leigh Stevenson,  manager of the Learning & Teaching (L&T) Systems department, wanted to decrease the number of support requests that the help desk receives by streamlining proactive support materials to LMS users. Griffith University needed a tool that would connect granular insight reporting with support and adoption solutions, which is where Impact came in…

Using Impact Insights, Messaging and Support

With the tools and insights that Impact reports provide, Leigh and his team were able to offer a “self-service” reporting capability. Blended Learning Advisors, Educational Designers, and other support & training staff were able to use Impact reports to identify gaps in LMS usage and create targeted workshops to increase relevant support and adoption.

Another key Impact tool that Griffith University used is Impact messaging. With Impact messaging Leigh and his team can deliver custom role and context-specific messages throughout their LMS.  The L&T Systems team created proactive tips and support messages and placed them in key areas of their LMS where users struggle the most. With Impact messaging, the team helped users self-navigate through tool functionalities that would have otherwise typically resulted in support calls. 

“While the complexity and breadth of tools and the usage of these in the LMS have increased, we have maintained the same number of support staff, and have been able to limit the increase of support calls by utilizing proactive ‘Tier 0’ support messages.” – Leigh Stevenson

According to Leigh, both teachers and students have found the proactive messages to be very useful. 

“Overall it has been a very positive experience with [Impact], the company is energetic and responsive, and we think the future of self-help material like this is a key part of scaling up the use of technology in L&T.” – Leigh Stevenson

Looking to the Future

In the future, a priority for Leigh’s team is to leverage all the tools that Impact offers. Leigh believes that the context-sensitive help will be another great boost to their support service for the LMS. Impact reporting will also continue to give Griffith University granulated data and insights into the way their LMS is being used by all members of the community. With Impact’s tool-adoption and activity reports, Griffith University can make data-driven decisions about future strategies involving LMS and third-party tool investment.

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